Monday, July 20, 2009

In preparation for 'Canning Season'

We will be really busy with the garden for the next while, so I am trying to get some things done ahead. Wouldn't it be great if you could do laundry ahead? Since you can't, today was baking day. I made scones, biscuits, breadsticks, hot dog buns, hamburger buns muffins and a cherry pie. Oh, and some Chinese barbecued pork. Pretty much everything but actual loaf bread, which I'll do tomorrow.

I never had a scone in my life. If these are representative of the scone family, then YUM! I started with a basic recipe, added lemon peel, craisins and topped them with an egg wash and maple sugar. Click here for the basic scone recipe.

Buttermilk biscuits (Recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook)

"Donut" muffins - which, for a muffin, do kinda taste like donuts! Click here for the Donut Muffin recipe.Photobucket

I didn't really mean to make breadsticks, but this was my first time with this particular recipe for hot dog buns, and it said to put them close together so they rise up, and not out. So, I did that, a little TOO much, and they are tall, and narrow, and long, and just not quite right for hot dogs. They'll make great breadsticks though - waste not, want not.

The second batch are more hotdogbun-like. I made the hamburger ones smaller too, but they are still huge! Next time I'll make them even smaller. Click here for the bun recipe.Photobucket

Finally, this is what we got from our Chinese cabbage - flowers! It sprouted, started to leaf, then bolted. The hens enjoyed it very much. Also, I wanted to show off my latest dish cloth, sent to me by my friend Helen. Thank you again, Helen! It's soooo pretty!
(Why is there a stick on my kitchen table? Molly????)

Oh, and today I thought I'd just check the green beans. I just picked them, but I thought I'd take a peek and see if there were any big ones. I got a gallon bucket. Yike!


Scottish Witch said...

Your buns look fantastic!

When you have a moment can you post your hotdog/hamburger bun recipe? They look great.

You sure are busy.

tenthingsfarm said...

I'm happy to get you that recipe, Scottish Witch - let me contact the lady who gave it to me. If I can, I want to properly credit the person who originated the recipe. (Plus, there might be a link, making it easier to connect you to it!) Warning, though - if you follow the directions for the number of buns, they will be huge! When I post it I'll post my own 'numbers' for quantity as well. :)

Patricia said...

I agree with Scottish Witch, would love to get your recipes for the hot dog and hamburger buns and donut muffins, they look delicious!

tenthingsfarm said...

OK, y'all, I added links for the recipes (except the biscuits - because they are from my BH&G cookbook - let me know if you want me to type that one up!)

PLEASE NOTE: The recipes call for all purpose flour, but in most, if not all cases, I use whole wheat pastry flour or even oat flour, supplemented with some wheat gluten - better nutrition and fiber! :)

Anonymous said...

Your camera and lovely dining room make my humble dishcloth look great!
I am so glad you like it.
It is truly a joy to create something for those that appreciate it.
Hugs and God bless,


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