Friday, July 17, 2009

Fried Rice

I love making fried rice - it's an easy way to clean out the fridge and get lunch on the table in just a few minutes. Here's what we made yesterday.

First, a little oil and a little heat, then we tossed in snow peas from the garden, a few chopped up carrot and celery sticks that needed eating, and the remains of a red onion from a previous meal (also from the garden)

Once that was looking pretty, we added the last of the ham-from-the-other-day, cut into small cubes. It's already cooked, so it doesn't need much time. We tossed in a few shelled peas as well, just for fun.

Then we sprinkled on cold leftover rice from the day (or two) before. Heat through, stirring now and then.

For flavor we add a sprinkle of soy sauce and just a little dark sesame oil. Dark sesame is not a cooking oil, but rather a flavoring oil, so add it toward the end.

Once it's hot, it's ready. If you're not sharing with Little Bit, this is a great time to add some slivered green onions. If you are, dish hers out first, then add some onions to the rest of it.

Lunch is served - all from scraps of whatever is on hand! Don't be afraid to try new combinations, add other spices (personally, I like a little black pepper or chili oil, also some ginger and garlic). Have fun, and get a practically free meal to boot!


desert said...

i love fried rice, do u ever add eggs?

tenthingsfarm said...

Actually, I do! That is the one other food that Little Bit won't eat. This time around there was plenty of ham in these, or I would have put some egg in mine. I just forgot to mention it! :)


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