Friday, July 31, 2009


Little Bit and I went to town this morning to do a few things, including some yard saling. I got some great buys on some freezer boxes (the stackable ones you use to freeze fruit, corn, etc.) and jar lids and rings.

Turns out that when I got home, I needed that kind of stuff! My friend MaryBeth called - she had pie cherries for me. She got them from a lady who didn't want to bother with them...MaryBeth used all she wanted, and passed the rest on to me.

I got the cherry pitter back out of storage (I thought I was done for the year, after all) and got to it. Since I've already done the dried cherry raisins, I'm processing these for cherry pie filling.

I've never used clearjel before, but I LOVE this product! It has been a joy to work with, and now I have 3 quarts and 11 pints of cherry pie filling.

I also have more cherries! After this little break, I'll be washing, pitting and freezing them on trays. They can go into freezer boxes, and we can make cobbler (or pie, or whatever) with them later.

MaryBeth also mentioned that she'll have plums for me in a couple weeks. I heart her!

PS - I canned green beans today too!


cfosterart said...

I think I would have to heart her also! What a wonderful blessing.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to have a friend who gives so freely! I have one too who gives me peaches. She's a gem!

Stay tuned to my blog for my cherry post--coming soon!

stacey said...

that was so nice of her to share the bounty. so besides cherry pie filling will there be plum pie? plum pudding? or plum jelly?
p.s. do you need my addy?


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