Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The All You Magazine 2009 Grocery Challenge

Do you read All You Magazine? Did you see the Grocery Challenge on page 22 of the July 24 issue? Did you sign up yet?

I did!

In fact, I am going to blog the whole experience verrrry specifically, at my own little 'side blog'. Because yeah...I need MORE to do.

Here is My All You Grocery Challenge Blog. Not much to look at yet, but stay tuned!

And you can sign up here to do the grocery challenge too. Guidelines and official rules are there for you to see. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cat,
I just signed up.
After all I learned everything I know from you,LOL!!!
All kidding aside quite a bit.
Sounds like fun and while there I signed up for my two free issues.
Hugs and God bless,

tenthingsfarm said...

Woot! It'll be fun challenge, Helen!

stacey said...

you can so meet the challnege. considering what i spend on jenn craig each week, i'm way over the weekly budget! totally worth it though, only 15lbs left to go.

tenthingsfarm said...

Stacey, you're doing GREAT! Hooray!


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