Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Orchard Mowing

The orchard is mowed - woo hoo! The trees always look taller when the grass is short, and since most of them are dwarf trees, this way we won't lose any!

OK, the grass wasn't really that tall, hee hee.

It looks like we'll have a nice harvest of sweet cherries and pie cherries this year. I got some clear gel in the co-op order this year...that means I can can my own cherrie pie filling. I'm really excited about that.

The apple trees look pretty good too. Some years they bloom so heavy that it's really taxing on them and we have to thin the apples out, but this year they look fairly well balanced. We have a lot of applesauce canned, but I'd like to put up more dried apples. Plus, we are working on the cellar below our shed, getting it ready to use as a root cellar. We're hoping we can keep fresh apples through winter without using refrigeration. We have some crab apple trees for pollination, and I think I'll be making crab apple jelly.

We cut out most of the old peach tree this year, but there were some blossoms on the smaller 'sucker tree' that we left in its place. The young peach tree is fruiting some as well, so we should have a few, at least for fresh eating.

Pears, Asian pears, both look good. Oh, and the prune plum bloomed a lot this year, so we're hoping for a nice prune plum harvest as well!

Now, to mow the field...and the wind rows...and the yard....

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