Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Springtime

My goodness, is it really past the middle of May already? We have been plenty busy with multiple projects - I'll try to get some pictures in this week!

Mostly we are planting garden, and tending wee plants. Peas, potatoes and onions look lovely, and we've put in corn, beans, field peas and more. I'll do a list off to the side, just for fun! We expanded quite a lot this year and we are hoping for a bountiful harvest.

I've been playing with the solar cooker as well. I made steel cut oats in it today. They came out great, but it took a long time. The breezes were moving the flaps some, and I'm not 100% sure about the positioning of everything. Time for more reasearch!

Doing a little mowing, a lot of mulching, and some tree trimming too! We cleared a small 'glade' and put in some seating this weekend. It's heavenly to sit there in the swing and take in the scent of the lilacs and the many birdsongs. We are seeing finches, wild canaries, doves, robins and more!

We're also preparing for a visit from my mom - she'll be here in just a couple more days!

More soon! :)

1 comment:

stacey said...

i love my bird feeders and watching all the birds in the backyard. have a great visit with your mom!


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