Friday, April 24, 2009

A busy day.

We got some early gardening done today. Hubby has been tilling a lot, and he's prepping a new area for ornamental corn and pumpkins. He put in posts for the peas too. (Thank you, Sweetie!)

We also planted shallots, and set out half the leeks we started from seed. They look like little green hairs right now, but I have high hopes for them!

The tomatoes are in their wall-o-waters too - we planted Roma, San Marzano (a Roma type), Rugters, Gardener's Delight and Beefsteak. Truth, tomatoes don't do so well here, so we just put out 8 plants. In the rare good year, we get plenty from that many plants, but I'll keep watching for coupons for tomato products all the same. I'll also plant a red currant tomato somewhere, but far from the others. The plants get huge...and produce little tomatoes smaller than marbles (but so, so yummy!) I think they do well here because they aren't making big fruit. They are great in salads, even if they are a bit tedious to pick.

We planted the pepper sets (also in wall-o-waters) too. They don't like it here either, so we just put out three - mixed hot peppers, hungarian wax peppers and sweet banana. Again, if we get some, it's bonus, hee hee.

Little bit and I moved some things to our new perennial herb bed - horseradish, walking onions and oregano. Once I am sure that the horseradish is happy there, I'm going to share some of the other ones. We have a lot of horseradish coming up - far more than any family could ever possibly need.

The asparagus we planted this year are starting to peek through, the currants are opening up, the blueberries too. The strawberries look healthy and happy and the orchard is getting ready to burst into bloom soon! Whooopeeee!

Pictures soon!


stacey said...

i love asparagus and strawberries! though not at the same time! can't wait to see this year's garden!

tenthingsfarm said...

I can't wait either! Right now it's pretty much brown dirt, but I'm excited for this season. My rows are SO crooked this year, but the plants don't care! :)


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