Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These pictures were taken when the seeds had been in the soil for about one week. Take a look!

lemon grass

thai basil


flowering kale

Now, tomatoes are sprouting, along with watermelon, gourds, leeks, peppermint - it's so exciting! I take the plastic off during the day so they can breathe a bit and soon it will be time for the grow light.

Meanwhile, here's the alpaca manure in the big trench. It is not wet - it's just darker because it's so rich. The foreground is shallow - we'll be planting strawberries there. It's deeper toward that back. That will be for blackberries and asparagus. (once we add more soil and manure)

These are the honeyberries that we got from freecycle. Those teardrop shaped green bits are all buds. It looks like we will have a great yield!

What have you planted? Got sprouts? I want to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sky and I just got done making 50+ of those little cups, so I'm hoping to see some sprouts, ohhhh, in about 8 days...I hope!

If you wanna check out our cups, they are going to be on my blog in a few minutes. Thanks again for the tutorial!

cfosterart said...

Nice variety! Love those berries. Wishing I had some.

So far I've planted tomatoe, green pepper, sweet banana pepper, onion, sweet basil, cilantro, and chives. All from seeds. All are growing very nicely and getting tall. I'm very happy with my first experience starting seedlings. Usually I buy plants that are already started.

Oh! And I'm sprouting sweet potatoes so that I can plant them when it gets warmer also.

What a wonderful time of year! I love reading about everything you are doing. You are so energizing for me!



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