Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Weather

My, how quickly things change. We've been doing all this garden prep, poo-hauling, and tree trimming while we wondered - will it last? Will this be the year that spring springs early, the weather stays warm, the apricot blossoms actually make it through without getting frozen?

Wednesday was warm, sunny, pretty. I even went to town right quick, to pick up my most recent (and potentially most awesome) bit of freecycle happiness. A pond!
You can't tell, really, but it has the pump/aeration thingy, and a little upper pool that will cascade into the main pool...provided I can figure out how to get it all put together. I think I'm going to look for a quiet spot somewhere and make a tranquility garden.

Just...not right now, because Thursday, we had a bit of a switch. We knew it was coming. The robins, not so much.

Actually, I bet they knew before we did. These are just some last-minute planning meetings.

I love how round and puffed they are. I just hope they all find warm spots to weather the storm.

It's been windy the whole time too. So much that if the fire dies down, we get a down draft in our chimney, and smoke in our living room....which explains why I loaded the stove at 1am, then got up this morning at 5am to put in more wood. I have to run it more 'open' or the smoke gets in, so no banking and sleeping!

With all this wind, the fire is moody, so I'm still up. First light is coming, or probably already here (it's cloudy and thinking about snowing more). So maybe I'll just slice some of the bread I made yesterday and pretend I don't need sleep. Everything is closed for today - schools, libraries, even some businesses, so maybe I can sneak a nap later on. Right now, I think I'll make some toast. Maybe even cocoa. Want some? I'd be happy to share, and I'd love the company. :)


stacey said...

i'd love some hot cocoa and fresh made bread! be right over, i'll bring my knitting!

tenthingsfarm said...

Yay! For you, I'll break out the cinnamon sugar to put on toast! ;)

Deb said...

I had one of those ponds in my last house. Loved it, just make sure when you dig the hole for it you get it absolutely the same depth all around. Let the earth settle for a couple of days compacted really well. Once you put in the pond and fill it with water it will compact unevenly if you don't making the pond lower on one side and if you are the least bit anal (I am) about things being even ie the water level in the pond it will drive you crazy, then just try to get your DH to dig it out and do it all over I dare you.


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