Sunday, March 29, 2009

Much Better!

Remember a while back when I made bagels? This is what they looked like after baking.

Awful, awful, awful. NOT pretty, and not good either.

This afternoon I tried again, with a different recipe.

The onion ones are a little lumpy, but they taste good. I added the onions late in the process, because I split the dough to make two flavors.

The others are sesame. Ain't they purty?

We worked outside a bit today too. We put in rhubarb, asparagus and strawberry sets. Poor little pale little strawberry!

They all look like that, bless their hearts. I think a little sunshine will do them good!

Hope you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week too!


stacey said...

wow you're planting strawberries? we got snow this morning! (i blame prisca cause i talked to her yesteday and it snowed on her, i think she gave it directions to my house!)
yummy looking bagels, i'll bring over some cream cheese spead and tea!

tenthingsfarm said...

Unfortunately, we got snow this morning too - none was predicted way out, so SuRpRiSe! Sigh....

Stay warm, dearie!

desert said...

those bagels look so good, but i bet its alot of work to make them huh?

tenthingsfarm said...

It's a little work, but it was fun, too. You make the dough, let it rise, punch it down, shape the bagels, boil them in sugar water (that's the 'weird' part), drain, glaze with egg glaze, sprinkle on stuff, and bake. I could just go buy some, I realize, but I'm trying (trying, trying) to develop some skills, lol.

Mrs. Bee said...

They do look yummy, would love the recipe if possible.


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