Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yucca. Yuck-a.

Last summer Hubby worked really hard in the northeast quarter of our little homestead to rid it of yucca plants. This involves lots of digging, wearing good gloves, and a sharp eye. The smaller ones are easy to miss, but they really tear up mower blades (not to mention legs).

It was a beautiful day here today, and since I didn't feel like trying to start the tiller, I loaded up the wagon with necessary supplies (and my little sweetie) and we headed out to the northwest quarter.


It didn't take long to gather up a wagonload.

We hadn't covered that much ground, either, but since our little one wanted to go inside (she's recuperating from a head cold) we just did one wagonload of yucca.

100 down, 48,286 to go! Then, I can start mowing. Yippeee!


Cfosterart said...

What did you do with the ones in the wagon? Do you just make a big pile in a corner somewhere so that they don't spread?

tenthingsfarm said...

Actually, as of Thursday night, they're still sitting in the wagon. It's been that kind of week! We have a brush pile out back - shelter for the prairie bunnies - so we toss them there. It's not the best solution, but maybe someday we'll rent a chipper!


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