Tuesday, February 17, 2009



You know what's in that big envelope?


They're here! And I'm thrilled! Goof that I am, I have opened most of them, to look at the seeds, to count the big ones, stuff like that. They sent plenty...if the pack is supposed to have 'minimum 25 seeds' it has 40 to 60. And some of the packets are really, really fun.


Tomorrow we are going to my friend Marybeth's house, weather permitting. I'm going to ask if I may take/blog some photos of her garden. It is AMAZING.

And I totally plan to copy off her, like a 3rd grader who didn't do her homework.


cfosterart said...

When do you start planting in that area of the country? I'm getting anxious to plant my own garden and was wondering when you would get started.

Carrie said...

Did you buy those seeds to PLANT or just for the packaging? :) They're gorgeous!

dystinctlyvague said...

Very exciting! I love the art on the seed packets :)

tenthingsfarm said...

We can safely plant at the end of May without protection, so we still have quite a wait! I have lots of tilling to do to pass the time, hee hee.

I will be planting all those things! I can't wait to try the ground cherries - I'm super curious about them! I agree, though, the packets are so pretty!

Bella said...

Ooooooooooh, hooray for the arrival of the seeds!


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