Monday, January 19, 2009


Do you know what 'tapas' are? They're little snacks - just a bite or two of something. Well, I have a bunch of little bits and snips to post. None of them are really enough on their own to make a whole they're tapas!

Here's another salad - greens, warm sliced turkey, pecans, dried cranberries, croutons, sprouts and poppyseed dressing. Yum! I had it with a whole-wheat pumpkin muffin.

We found this monster in the hen house the other day. (lower right, but I bet you figured that out)

It was a double!

When it's been colder, we've had a fire all day, and I've been cooking things on the wood stove sometimes. It's really fun! Makes me feel like Laura Ingalls, just a little bit.

And...the other day, I cooked up some blue potatoes.

When they were cooked, I made them into mashed potatoes. As odd as they look here, they look even more bizarre with gravy on them. They taste really good, though!
(Wow, that really looks like a bowl of play dough, doesn't it?)

It's been unseasonably warm here. It was sunny and 59 today. (windy though) Also, I've been clearing out our basement, selling stuff on craigslist. So, those things have contributed to my recent non-blogging. Still, I love y'all to pieces and hope you're doing well. How's the new year treatin' ya, anyway? Leave a comment and let us know!


stacey said...

it was minus eight this morning when i left for work. blue potatos?
wish i had your wood burner i'd be toasty right now

Scottish Witch said...

It was minus 22 here with the wind chill this morning BRRRR.

Those blue potatoes look weird but so intriguing! What did your daughter think of them?

Just looking at your wood stove makes me feel warmer. I really miss having one. I grew up with a fire place and it was so nice in the winter to use for some added warmth.

tenthingsfarm said...

You know what's funny? When you're three years old, blue potatoes are just as normal as green lettuce or red apples. Little bit didn't blink an eye. After all, they were blue when we dug them out of the ground, so why wouldn't they be blue now? Hubby and I are the ones who found it odd!

mentalutopia said...

The mashed potatoes look like poi!

Lamb said...

I luvs me some wood heat...I was never warmer in the winter than when I had a wood stove. I had a habit of *putting dinner on* in the morning (stews, chili, a roast, whatever) and then just letting it simmer on the stove all evening, a nice meal awaited with almost no effort on my part! I miss that...


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