Friday, December 26, 2008

What are you doing today?

So...what'cha up to? Are you out shopping the after-Christmas sales? Are you visiting family? Are you breaking in a new sweater? Are you finding time to read my blog? Bless your heart!!

I'm playing with our new blender! Our blender was starting to make some scary growling noises, so we decided to get a really strong one. This one is 600 watts, it is glass up top (Is that a pitcher, or a bowl?)and if you're using the buttons on the left, it has reversing blades!
Photobucket push 'food chop' and it whirls clockwise for a bit...then it stops...then it whirls counter-clockwise for a bit. It does the same thing on the frozen drink setting, just faster. According to the booklet, we can do frozen drinks, smoothies, all that regular blender we can use the food chop button for things like salsa. I chopped nuts in it the other night, and it did a good job.

Today, I let the frozen drink button have a turn. Technically, that's a green smoothie, but I didn't have a lot of spinach, plus I used blueberries. Does that make it a green-ish smoothie? It tastes good, whatever it is.

Little Bit is playing with toys, and we're just enjoying some time together. Later, I have some new books (including a cook book - woot!) to look at, and I need to give my new potholders a try. Oh, and guess what I've already gotten in the mail? Seed catalogs! They came early! (danger! danger!)

What are you doing today? Leave a comment and share the fun!


Patricia Miller said...

Easy day here; dinner is going to be leftovers and I just had to do a quick straighten-up around the house. Did shop at Kohl's after Christmas clearance; lots of great buys, especially on picture frames. The rest of the day I plan on drinking cup after cup of hot tea and playing with my new toys!

stacey said...

today i worked, but it was a nice day. light schedule, we ordered out for lunch. stopped on the way home at the grocery store and did this week's shopping. also picked up some wreaths for tomorrow (sat) mom and my sister and i are going back to pa, to leave flowers on the graves for our grandparents and a favorite aunt and uncle.

Allyson said...

Impressive blender! I use my blender a lot and I am on my second one. Next time I will have to get one that powerful. Will you send me your smoothie recipe? I make smoothies all the time but I've never tried spinach in a smoothie.

tenthingsfarm said...

Allyson, I did a post about them back in summer, go here and you can read it:

This morning I was out of green stuff, so we did 2 fresh (peeled, of course) oranges, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas and frozen blueberries with some fruit juice as the liquid. Yummy!


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