Monday, December 8, 2008

Progress! and Happy Monday!

We made some progress on our secret project. Click here to see!

We actually made all sorts of progress the past day or so. Yesterday was really warm - tee shirt weather - so we stacked firewood, hung out laundry and did some other outside chores. Meanwhile, hubby picked up some siding we need to re-do the shed and built some bracing to hold the weight in the right spot in the back of our truck. Later, we got a good start on cleaning out the cellar that's under the shed. Yay for surprise warm days!

Today we were back to cold and wintry, so we did a lot of cooking. Between last night and today, I've done all the cooking I need to do for the week! We have steel-cut oats, pasta, meat sauce, brown rice/quinoa pilaf, fresh veggies, steamed mixed vegetables, marinated grilled porkchops (yay for the Foreman grill!), chicken salad (yay for my neighbor who made too much!), chex mix and cookies. Hubby made tuna salad too, plus we have some leftover roast beef with vegetables. We are set for the week!

So...the laundry is done, the cooking is done, the house is 'sorta tidy'...maybe I'll have time to get the Christmas cards and pressies organized and sent! Ooh, and maybe some more Christmas Decorating!

So, what are you busy with this week?

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stacey said...

t-shirt weather? man am i jealous1 we got 40's and rain here today with colder weather moving in for the rest of the week. (insert rolling eyes here)
with onlt 15 knitting days left before christmas eve, three guesses what i will be doing this weekend. our family opens gift on christmas eve, don't be surprised itf i am finishing up someone's gift christmas eve morning! lol!


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