Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I haven't talked about it too much here, and those of you who 'knew us when' already know that Hubby and I built our house. We actually did almost everything (or had it done in a few cases) before we moved in. There are some bits of trim here and there (and there, and over there) that we still haven't taken care of, four years later.

Four years.


Sunday afternoon, my Sweetie got out the nailer and the miter saw and we finally put trim around the inside of the front door. It has looked like this for four years!

Since we are using the rosettes, we just have a few straight cuts to make. I was measuring and marking...and Little Bit was constantly asking if she could mark them too. Just a minute, OK? (I will give her the little pieces we cut off and she can measure and mark those. I'm such a good mom!)

And she's a lot faster than me. While we put up the two side pieces, she got the top piece and....

Thankfully, I always keep this around for just this sort of event.

She measured this piece, and told me it was 29 pounds. Aww. She's got the right idea, sorta.

Then she asked for the nailer. Uhhhh, NO. (See? I am a good mom!)

There goes the last piece into place!

Isn't is gorgeous?

OK, so I still need to fill the nail holes, and prime those bits of wood, and paint the door, but the trim is up all the way around the front door! Woo hoo!

Now we just have half the baseboards in our bedroom, the cove molding in Little Bit's room, the spacer in the kitchen, the baseboard in the kitchen.......

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chrisnallynkids said...

This looks familiar. We have lived in our house 4 and a half years and have not a single baseboard!!! At least I can say we have now purchased them and they are in the garage waiting to be put up....


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