Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Night!

We have not gone out without our little girl, well, since she was born. To be fair, we didn't get out much before that, so it's not exactly been a hardship. Still, Hubby's Work Christmas Party was Saturday, and we went. Without the baby. Who, techincally, is not a baby anymore.

I always expected her first babysitter experience to be tough. I figured there would be lots of crying, possibly some wailing, and that at some point, there would be a gentle push and the door would be closed. Of course, I thought the one doing all the crying and wailing would be ME. Actually, I was totally fine with the whole concept. Little Bit spends a few hours with Uncle Terry and Aunt Sandi (whom she adores), and we get out all by ourselves.

Because Little Bit is such a social butterfly, I also thought she'd be delighted to get away from us for a bit. She wasn't so sure this was a good idea.

She tried to look brave about the whole thing, but truth be told, she wasn't buying it.

Once we got there, she felt better. There were no tears when we left. In fact, when we came back to pick her up, she didn't really want to leave!


The party was nice too. It was a fairly short, informal affair. We gathered at a sports bar type place for dinner and dessert. Dessert was 'different'. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. ;)

Oh, and before I forget - click here to see the progress on Little Bit's Present!

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