Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wow! (Again with the coupon thing.)

We went out this afternoon to use some coupons in conjunction with some sales. Little bit and I got all of this:

and all of this:

AND 5 pounds of long grain rice and a pound of pearled barley (forgot to put them on the table - oops!)

for $24.97!

We used $52.73 in coupons, and sale prices saved us another $26.76. Wow.

Oh...and of all the stuff in the pictures above - this stuff was free. Meaning, the coupon I had paid for the total cost of the item. The non-food items had some sales tax, but I also had a little bit of coupon overage (when the coupon is worth more than the cost of the item), so really - these were all FREE!!! WOOT!

Wait a Minute! Those two cans of tomatoes shouldn't be in that photo. But all the rest of it was free. (I'm too lazy to get all the stuff back out and take another picture - sorry!)


GrammyGoo said...

Excellent. I just started "couponing" activly about 15 months ago and it really can be quite rewarding. DH loves when I come home with bargins and will actually let me show him everything I got and what i saved.

Katie said...

Nicely done!!! And I LOVE your harvest tally on the sidebar! (I might steal your idea for next year! :) )

Prudent Homemaker said...

How do you cook your pearled barley? I use mine for soup (and it's really tasty). I know there are lots of ther ways to cook it.

Shanna said...

I'm duly impressed with your shopping skills!! YAY for YOU!


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