Saturday, November 15, 2008

What are your 'fear factor' foods?

I'm sitting here, eating a little bowl of gizzards, and wondering why I don't have to fight anyone else in the house for them. I love 'em. Love the flavor, the texture, everything. Yum.

And yet, I can bear to eat only the mildest of cheeses - cream cheese, american, cheddar, mozzarella, some fresh parmesan and some provolone...even swiss is a bit much for me, and the stuff with mold - forget it!!

Liver? NO. Liverwurst? Oh YEAH. I can't explain it, but that's how it is for me.

I love reading old 'farm' cookbooks, with recipes for all the parts of animals I wouldn't dream of eating. Scrambled eggs and brains (my aunt makes this, and the smell is enough to scare me off, but they really like it), scrapple, head cheese. I know people who LOVE this stuff. So far, I've been too chicken to give it a try.

Speaking of chicken...the gizzards are gone. What are your 'fear factor' foods?


HisEllieMae said...

It's funny you should bring this up. A couple of years ago, we were going to have a Food Fear Factor party for our oldest son's birthday.

Some of the fearful foods that instantly came to my mind were Pickled Pigs Feet, Head Cheese, Sardines and Pickled Beets.

Yep, that just about does it for me.

homeschoolmom4 said...

I don't suppose there are too many things I don't like except: any 'innards', most fish especially raw, funky parts like tongue/brain/etc, and moldy cheese. YUCKO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't do eyeballs or fresh tomatoes. I think the eyeballs are pretty obvious, but I have no accounting for the fresh tomatoes.

I like sundried and cooked tomatoes of every type, and love fresh pico de gallo. But bite into a plain fresh tomato? NO CAN DO!

tofuranch said...

Well, you have have my gizzards....eyeballs and anything in the head.

But we do use the intestines of the pig to make natural casings for sausage...we wash these really well

mentalutopia said...

Would you like my father's recipe for earthworm chip cookies? They use real earthworms. I've never tried them, but I've working up the guts to next time he bakes them.

stacey said...

i don't o innards either. i remember one year i was helping my mom make thanksgiving dinner, she wanted me to reach into the turkey and pull out the pouch that has the gizzard in it. i looked at her (all appalled) and told her i wasn't about to stick my hand up some birds butt and pull anything out! she loves telling that story and laughs her butt off every thanksgiving.


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