Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Month in Savings (so far!)

We've been super busy cutting firewood, canning salsa and beef stew, doing laundry and dishes, all that 'normal' stuff.

I was just checking my progress with couponing, and here are my numbers so far for October. This is out of our 'food and household' budget. We use this budget to buy groceries, toiletries, household items, cleaning supplies, etc.

Cash spent: 107.39
Coupons/rebate money spent: 103.50

I am actually really surprised. I knew that coupons were helping us stretch our dollars, but I had no idea I was saving close to half! I don't use coupons willnilly, either. I use them in conjunction with sales, rebates, or preferably, both.

I've gotten quite a few things for free this month, like:
4 bags of Green Giant frozen vegetables
2 Glade Wisp Flameless candles
4 Scented Oil warmer refills
4 bags Halloween candy (Kitkats, Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and 'Take 5')
2 Shout Laundry Spray
1 Windex
1 Fantastik
2 Scrubbing Bubbles
(Actually, with the coupons and rebates, I made a few dollars on the stuff listed. They paid me to take them!)

So, couponing is definitely worth it for me. I read about how people did this for a long time before I tried it. Now, I'm really glad I did! It's saving us a lot of money, plus it's kinda fun. I treat it like a game, and I'm really enjoying it!

Do you coupon? If so, where do you go for information? (I like ) If not, are you curious? Got questions? Leave me a comment, I'll do my best to help! :)


Patricia Miller said...

I've never really taken the time to coupon, but after seeing those numbers for your budget, I am amazed.
I buy mostly store brands and shop at Sam's Club, so coupons wouldn't be good for those places anyway.

If someone were just starting out, what would be your best advice to them about frugal shopping?

Did I mention I was amazed at your savings?


tenthingsfarm said...

Patty, I'm amazed too, and I'm the one doing it!

I do a combination of things - I get the 'easy saver' catalog (it's in the store) at Walgreen's. I look at the local grocery ads and match up sales with coupons too. And, I watch the Sunday paper for good coupons and rebates.

I print a lot of coupons online now too. The best place I've found for me to learn about great deals is I did OK on my own, but once I started sharing and getting info, my savings went way up. Also, she has tutorials there for Walgreen's CVS, basic couponing, etc.

I buy a lot more name brand stuff now...but I get paid to take it, I get it free, or I pay less than I would for store brands. However, if I need something that I can't get a 'deal' for, I buy according to price, unless we know we don't like a certain store brand or generic.

As far as what I'd recommend....I'd suggest going to moneysavingmom and just read. You'll see all these deals, and some will interest you more than others. Do one to give it a try...see how you like it. I started slow and progressed at my own pace. :)

Hope this helps!


Patricia Miller said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question! I will check out that site...and start dreaming of the great vacation we can take next year with all of the money I saved!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love it when they pay you to take things home.



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