Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spending/Coupons update!

I *think* I'm done with grocery/household purchases for this month. This is the first month I've ever tracked the amount of coupons I've used. I thought they were saving me some money...turns out they are saving me a LOT!

This month I've spent 151.58 actual cash money, and used 130.68 in coupons. In addition, I have $16.50 coming back from Walgreen's in the form of a gift card rebate...but that will be for next month!

I'm really pleased with these numbers. I have only purchased things we will use, and I've shopped the sales as well. I know that if I had also kept track of the savings due to 'sale prices', it would show that I saved a lot with sales as well.

It's not foolproof, I have to admit. I read about a bunch of great deals at a store that I shop, printed the coupons, and then when I got there, I could only find 2 of the 5 great deals. I will hold onto the coupons (since they are for things we use, after all!) and watch for sales. I'm still learning, for sure...but $130 off in one month, that's pretty SWEET!


Gill - That British Woman said...

excellent. I am closing off my month tomorrow, I will post about my month on Saturday. You are doing so well.......


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! That's awesome! I have never found coupons helpful b/c I buy mostly store brands and not many items that are packaged/canned. It's wonderful to KNOW you are actually saving and I'm sure encourages you to keep it's worth it!
Hugz, Mel in OK


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