Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Pumpkin!

We have been watching our pumpkin patch with a lot of excitement. We have never had such big pumpkins! We planted seeds from two 10-cent packages of pumpkins. We have 8 or 9 small 'sugar pumpkins', and 5 that are supposed to be 'jack o' lantern'. Honestly, the jack o' lantern ones are really squat and wide. They're also pretty big. So, they may be another variety.

We picked 'the big one' today. It weighed in at 31.5 pounds. Our daughter, almost 3 years old, weighs in right around 29 pounds - they're almost the same size!!


We like to make pumpkin custard to eat for breakfast - basically, it's a lower sugar version of pumpkin pie filling (no crust) and we use skim milk instead of evaporated. It's really tasty! I'm estimating we'll have close to 100 pounds of pumpkin to harvest (though we're giving away a pumpkin or two) so I'd better start looking for some other things to do with pumpkin!

Let's see...pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin cubes, pumpkin pancakes....yum!


Patricia Miller said...

Look how cute! Your little pumpkin with a big garden pumpkin!

Toni Toni Toni said...

How cute is that picture?

Pumpkin ravioli with sage butter sauce! Mmmm!

tenthingsfarm said...

Patricia, I think we're going to do some Autumn photos with her and that pumpkin - they're so cute together!

Toni, that sounds so tasty! Is the pumpkin in the pasta part of the ravioli, or the filling? I have sage, and I have butter...hit me with a recipe! ;)

GrammyGoo said...

Thsy are both beauties

mentalutopia said...

That pumpkin custard sounds yummy! Are you going to give us a recipe or do we have to make up our own?

tenthingsfarm said...

I will come up with a recipe. I usually just wing it (I look at the recipe for pumpkin pie, put less sugar, put skim milk instead of evaporated....etc.) For you, I will do it up proper! ;)

stacey said...

love that pic, don't forget pumpkin chili!


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