Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomorrow is October, and I am getting tomatoes from the garden!

I never plant very many tomatoes, because they ripen really late here. We've had very warm weather for September, so now I'm getting tomatoes! We have 8 plants - 4 are roma types, 1 is a tiny 'currant' tomato, and the other three are variations of cherry tomatoes.

I'm keeping some for eating on any given day, but I'm washing and cooking the rest. We have gotten a LOT of canned organic tomatoes by couponing, so I'm not canning any whole tomatoes. So far I've got 10 pints of tomato juice in the freezer. For now, all I'm doing is freezing the juice. Once Winter sets in, I can thaw the juice and make homemade 'V-8' and pizza sauce. I need 7 pints for the V-8 (I'm doing half a recipe) and 14 more for the pizza sauce (also a half recipe). I hope I have enough freezer space!

If I get all the way to 21 pints and we are still getting tomatoes, I'll dehydrate some as well!

Looks like I might be canning green beans tomorrow too.

Is your garden still producing? What are you getting?


TofuRanch said...

Hi Cat..

I really like your blog and the harvest totals.


mentalutopia said...

We've still got cherry tomatoes and Brandywines. Our squash plants have finally produced a single little acorn squash about the size of my 6-yr-old's fist.


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