Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This, That and The Other

Just a whole lot of little bits that are going on these days!

Now that the yard sale is done, we're busy sorting the leftovers and trying to find someone who might want the mobile for storage. If not, we'll probably get a demolition crew in here to take care of it. It will change the 'landscape' of our place when it's gone!

* * * *

The peach tree, or at least the part that the deer hadn't chewed to bits, came ripe! We have been eating several peaches, per person, per day. They are not large, but they are juicy, sweet, and very, very peachy. Yesterday, I took all the ones that were bird-pecked or bruised (or bitten and put back on the counter by a certain little girl who shall remain nameless...and in her defense, it was only two like that) anyway, I took all the 'ickies' and made 7 little jars of jam. Well, fruit spread, really, because I am not using near the sugar I'd have to use for jam or jelly. I sure do love that Pomona Pectin!

* * * *

It is not a great green bean year. I'm just getting a handful a day. I was trying to save them up (bagged in the fridge) until I had enough to can pints, but the first ones I put away were starting to get rusty, and I only had enough for half a canner full. So, the chickens got some lightly rusty green beans, and I tried dehydrating the rest. Green beans REALLY shrink when you dry them! I think they will be good in soups and stews this winter. I may even dry some carrot, onion, potato, etc. and make a cute little 'beef stew mix', just for fun! This is what the dry beans look like:

* * * *

Meanwhile, the potato plants are starting to look 'rough'. I got just a wee bit worried. I can't find any bugs (I found one tomato hornworm, but minimal hornworm damage), and I have watered them diligently. They are well mulched. Of course, it's possible that they are dying off, because they are done.

So, in the name, we dug two hills of potatoes. The potatoes are beautiful and perfect! There is no damage, and some of them are bigger than my fist! From the two hills (which I didn't dig out entirely, because I didn't want to stress the surrounding plants) we got six pounds of potatoes.

We have 32 hills, so there's a chance that we've raised a hundred pounds of potatoes this year! For now, we'll enjoy the potatoes we dug, and let the plants continue their process. It looks like we'll harvest blues first, then yukon gold, red-skinned, and russet.

* * * *

We've gotten a few currant tomatoes. They are tiny, but so good! The others are starting to show tinges of red. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of them. I have a lot of canned organic tomatoes I've gotten while couponing, so I'm free to do some other things with these. I'll probably dry some, and I might make ketchup and salsa...we'll see! These are the currant tomatoes - and that's a penny in the top left corner!

* * * *

This past weekend, I did a little mowing and cleaned out the henhouse. The yard looks somewhat tidy - I haven't done trimming yet, but I am bad about that. I have a tendency to do it 'every couple years', hee hee. I have a big pile of straw/chicken manure that I'll take to the garden this fall and we'll till it in to nourish the soil. The hens are happy to have new straw to scritch and scratch in as well.

* * * *

The roosters are coming into 'roosterhood'. I have more than I should have, so I'm watching them and figuring out who stays, and who goes up for sale. I have three Cornish roos...I will keep one or two, depending on whether or not I actually have a White Rock Roo. (Say that three times fast!)

* * * *

The propane tank is still not empty. The pressure is going down, but we're not there yet. Amazing! Meanwhile, we have a friend that just put up a small electricity-generating windmill. We're going to get over to his place to check that out one day soon!

* * * *

The deer have done a lot of destruction in our orchard. I'm in contact with Division of Wildlife to find out what we can do about it. Mmmmm...venision! (probably not, but a girl can dream!)

So, there are a few 'bits and snips' for the past few days. I hope all is well with you and yours!


desert said...

it all sounds soooo good, i envy you and your beautiful garden, all those organic veggies.
i have the currant tomatoes too, i just didn't know thats what they were called. i also have small yellow tomatoes, those are yummy too.
i wanna come buy some of your veggies ;)

tenthingsfarm said...

I'd love to share some vegetables with you! Aren't the currant tomatoes something else? I think they put on as much volume as any other tomato, just in tiny, tiny packages. There are hundreds of them on just one plant! Do you know what type your little yellow ones are? I'd like to branch out and try something new next year.

By the way, you sound like a girl that needs a little greenhouse! :)


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