Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Start Saving Early!

Her piggy bank was getting pretty full, so we took our little sweetie to the bank this past Saturday and she opened her first savings account. She is probably a little young to really 'get it', but she is excited about taking her money to the bank.

No wonder - they gave her all sorts of treats and gifts! Candy, balloons, a ladybug bank...she was so happy!


This is not her college fund or anything like that - this is just for money she gets or earns (allowance or $$ for chores as she gets older, birthday/holiday money, etc.) We want to teach her to save some, give some, and spend some. For now, she's just happy because the bank where she has her savings account has a treasure chest full of lollipops!

If you have children, what, and how, did you teach them about money, finances, all that good stuff?


stacey said...

lol1 i might be induced to save more if my bank rolled out the red carpet for me like that! how much fun!

tenthingsfarm said...

Me too! Whenever we go into the bank (which is fairly often, because there is a Post Office Contract Station inside) she is treated like royalty! Hugs, candy, the whole nine yards!

To be fair, I have to say that about half the time when we go in, there are pastries or cookies or a candy basket on the 'do your math before you go to the teller' they're taking care of the adults too!

Yay for small town hospitality!

desert said...

sounds like a nice bank, but i hardly ever go to the bank, i do all my banking and bill payin on line, saving the planet you know ;)

i did pretty much the same with my kids, they had a savingsaccount real early, and birthday money etc went in there, minus a little of spending money of course. but i think its a very important lesson for them to learn.
you are a great mom :)


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