Monday, July 28, 2008


A family in town had rabbits. One of them was 'mean', so they brought it out here to a relative's house and set it free. This was a couple months ago, and none of us expected a domestic rabbit to survive 'in the wild', especially since this particular rabbit happens to be white, with black ears and eyepatches. Not the best camoflage.


At first, we didn't see much of "Marshmallow", but s/he (we don't know the gender) has pretty much taken up residence at our place. This afternoon, s/he spent some time beneath the apricot tree, relaxing and eating dropped fruit. S/he won't let us close enough to pet him/her, but s/he almost forgot that yesterday. I was out doing something in the back yard and Marshmallow loped right over, inches from my hand.

Marshmallow is less cozy with 'the kid'.

We don't feed Marshmallow - s/he is a source of free entertainment. S/he likes to hop around, leap up and do a power kick midair, goofy stuff like that. I suspect that we will eventually see some speckled or spotted cottontails in our neighborhood!

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