Thursday, July 3, 2008

What I bought when I was not shopping.

I think I did fairly well. I got cat food (my cat did not sign up for this experiment, after all) but with the coupons I had, I got 7lb. cat food for 76 cents, including the sales tax. Not bad. (thanks, Purina!)

For the humans, I got some lunch meat (three packages, on sale, I'll freeze some for later in the month), 2 tomatoes, a couple pears (a pair of pears - hee!), dry parsley (totally out and mine at home isn't doing well at all) and 'Italian seasoning'. I also got 2 lb. organic carrots, some chips for hubby's lunch, baked beans, and a package of tortillas.

I had a coupon for the tortillas, but I forgot to use it. I got to chatting with the clerk and completely forgot - dangit!

But even with that mistake, I only spent about $13. The lunch meat, yeah, 3 packages is a lot, but it was 2 1/2 pounds total, and it only cost me $5.50. Since it freezes well, it should cut down on my expenses later this month. I know - sounds an awful lot like stocking up. eep.

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