Monday, July 7, 2008

I am SO sore.

We spent the weekend working on projects around the house. We got some of the rock border put down, and it looks so nice and tidy! I cut low and icky branches out of trees using loppers and a pruning saw. One more truckload of brush down to 'bunny holler' and that project will be done! I mulched the potatoes and the rest of the corn. I did a little tidying around the house, etc. etc.

That's not what has me sore.

Our wedding anniversary (seventeen years - woot!) was last weekend. Our 'family present' was a Nintendo Wii.

I'm not much for video games, but I love love LOVE the Wii. You don't sit and push buttons to move things actually DO stuff. We just have the game that comes with the console - Wii Sports. If you play baseball, you have to put yourself in stance and swing the controller like a bat. Same for tennis. There's golfing too, and bowling, and boxing.

For boxing, you hook this other doohickey (called a nunchuck) to the main controller. You put one in each hand, and then, you box.

My first try at boxing, I knocked the guy out in the second round. I was sore the next day, but I thought it was from all the work. Last night I was 'training' - hitting a bag instead of boxing against a person, and that same soreness came right back.

Who woulda thunk you could get sore playing video games?

I know what you're thinking. THAT's not FRUGAL! That's not very homestead-y! You're right, on both counts. On the other hand, if we can play at home, we can save on fuel. Wii is very family friendly, and fun, we we all play it together, so that's a positive too. And so far, we are still feeding our animals, tending the garden, changing the baby, so it's all good. I guess I figure that we save all that money for a reason...and it's okay to spend some now and then on something we really enjoy. Not your cup o' tea? I understand, and I'm cool with that too.

The next thing I want is the Wii Fit. It's an add-on to the system with a balance board for ski jumping, lots of balance activities, even aerobics. We played with our nephew's a little bit when we were on vacation, and it was really, really fun.

Off to call the stores, to see if they have it yet! (wink!)


stacey said...

you do deserve to splurge every once in awhile. being frugal is great, and i don't know many people who are as good at as you are, but you need to have fun too. you can't deny yourself everything. love you cat!

tenthingsfarm said...

Thanks, dearie! You know, when I realized I was sore from boxing, you were the first person I thought of!! :)

Jenna said...

We love our wii! DH got it for my birthday last year, and it was worth it. You might also like the dance dance revolution game for the wii. I got it this weekend and LOVE it, even though I can't dance!!

desert said...

i'm glad you got something fun for you !!! you deserve it !!!!!

Toni Toni Toni said...

The Wii is so fun. I want one! I also want the Wii Fit, but I need the actual Wii first. I'm jealous. Just another reason I need to come live with you.

tenthingsfarm said...

Well, I'll say it again - as much as I dislike video games, I really like the Wii. It IS a lot of fun.

Toni, we set the Wii up in 'your' bedroom! (tee hee)


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