Tuesday, June 24, 2008

160,000 ounces. It doesn't look like that much!

We love flowers, but we do what we can to conserve water, so we have mulched a fairly large area around the house. It is windy on the prairie, so the mulch sometimes strays from the places we've put it. To help with that, we've been gathering good sized rocks and putting them along the border of the mulch. It helps define the border, plus it's really pretty. After being here about 13 years, we have bordered about one sixth of the area.

We would really like to spruce up the yard, so we did something wild and crazy - we ordered 5 tons of river stones. I guess I didn't learn from the times we've ordered topsoil or road base, beacause in my mind, 5 tons was going to me a MONUMENTAL rock pile. I mean - five tons is ten thousand pounds is 160,000 ounces!!

Does this look like 5 tons to you? Not very monumental, is it?

I suppose that once we start moving them into place, we'll feel just how monumentally heavy they all are! So far, all we've done is rinse off the dust and enjoy the pretty colors.


This one is a pale purple! I wonder what it would cost to mail it to a certain Aussie who is rather fond of all things purple?


Wouldn't it be neat if there were enough left over to build a base for a barbecue or a solar oven? That sounds like a really fun project!


desert said...

oh wow, i LOVE your rocks, so beautiful.
i can't wait till i get to come visit, your place sounds so awesome

tenthingsfarm said...

Well, come soon - so you can help me move those five tons of rocks! I moved a few today, started doing the border thing, and it looks nice! But they are heavy, just as we suspected, hee hee!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Its funny I never knew you bought rocks until we moved to Canada. We lived in the countryside in Britain and just walked to the nearest field and picked up a few rocks.

When we first came to Canada and went to a garden centre and sw stones for sale we were amazed. Now its second nature to buy rocks.

They are nice rocks that you got though.


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