Sunday, May 4, 2008

Writing like Ben Franklin

We were reading a Richard Scarry book and Olivia noticed a feather pen in one of the illustrations.

"What's THAT?"

'It's a feather pen, honey. You dip the tip in ink, and you can write with it.' (Yes, I know that's over-simplified, but she's only 2 1/2.)

"I want a feather pen."

'They're pretty neat, aren't they?"

I could see that the wheels were turning. She was pretty taken with the idea of a feather pen. And then, it seemed that every story we read, there was a feather pen on a desk!

Fast-forward to mid-afternoon. I'm taking jeans off the clothesline and she comes running over, so excited, holding a big white feather! She was over by the henhouse, scouting for a good one.


We brought it in the house, rinsed it good (we know the hens, I know they're essentially clean (for hens), so I'm not terribly worried about mites or diseases or anything like that) and taped it to a crayon.


Voila'! Feather pen. Didn't cost a thing, either! If you have feathers left from crafts, or if you have some chickens (or turkeys!) you can make one too!

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stacey said...

i love you! i wanna feather pen too!


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