Monday, May 19, 2008

Where did the Weekend go?

Wow, that weekend went by in a minute! I hope you got to use yours the way you wanted to. We did some things we needed to do, mostly in the garden. We set out the broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes, plus we planted corn, green beans and more onions. I can already see that I need more garden. I'll be putting a lot of seeds in the freezer for next year. I'll have to take a photo of these things we put around the tomato plants - they're neat, and they really help.

We played too. Bubbles were involved, so was the 'sand turtle' and some fun at the park. We went for some nice walks and did some relaxing in our 'relaxing swing'.

I keep seeing 'the squirrel'. He, or she, is all but taunting me. I've spotted 'it' in several different trees on the property. I'm even finding peanut shells under trees. So that's a clue - it likes peanuts. I'll have to put some in the live trap, and see what happens.

With Summer on the way, I'm cleaning out coolers, going through all our stuff, and preparing for a yard sale. There is a mobile home on our property. We lived in it for about 8 years, but then we built a house. We've moved into the house, but the mobile is still here...and still full of stuff. So we're going to have a yard sale IN it, and put some signs up inside, hoping that someone local will be interested in taking it for storage. It's good sized, and in pretty decent shape, but it really enables our packrat tendencies. Plus, we want to build a garage. If we build the garage first, we'll box it in. It's time to say goodbye, get it out of here, and declutter our lives.

I don't like clutter - not one bit. Thing is, any time I start dismantling a pile of it, I find all this stuff that...well...might be useful some day. As I get older, it does get easier to let go, especially when I realize I've moved an item from some place we lived 2 or 3 states ago, and still haven't used it. So our big project right now (besides the garden, and mowing, and gathering firewood for next Fall) is to sort, organize and price all this stuff...sell as much as we can, then we'll freecycle whatever is left. The funds we raise at the yard sale will help us with the fees involved with the moving and disposal of a mobile home - if it comes to that. I sure hope somebody wants it.

How was your weekend? What did you do? What are your plans for this week?


Toni Toni Toni said...

Living here with just two suitcases of my stuff makes me realize how I don't really need all the stuff I have (at home in storage). Makes me appreciate the stuff I have and think about the things I buy.

My weekend was good. Wandered around Florence and took a day trip to beautiful Siena.

This week I'm just enjoying my remaining time in Italy. Enjoying Bil. Enjoying the food. Just enjoying.

tenthingsfarm said...

Toni, you just plain ROCK! Lots of love to you!

stacey said...

this weekend i knitted until my left hand was sore! i had one nice day of warm weather and it rained the rest of the time i was off, so i cleaned house, finished the back of mom's sweater, started the may sock of the month, did some cooking, and researched things to do locally this summer that are cheap or free.


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