Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Squirrel Re-relocation Program

We live in the country. On the prairie. There are no squirrels here. Well, there were no squirrels here.

A couple years ago, I read an article in the paper about - get this - squirrel overcrowding in the city. What does that mean? Too many squirrels per tree? Were teen squirrels forming groups and terrorizing older squirrels? I don't really remember details of the problem. The solution, however, had my attention.

People in town - not Department of Wildlife people - regular residents, started trapping squirrels and BRINGING THEM TO THE COUNTRY.

One of the reasons I've loved it here is the lack of squirrels, and therefore, the lack of squirrel damage to our fruit orchard. That all changed last Fall, when two of them started clipping immature apples and peaches from our trees. Not cool, squirrels. Not cool at all.

We are solution-oriented, proactive people, so we headed to the feed store for a squirrel trap. We got the first one right away, and I took her back to the city. The second one was far more cautious and shy. It's been weeks. We've tried all sorts of bait for him - peanut butter oats, apple wedges, and finally, an ear of corn I found when I was cleaning out the freezer last Sunday.

I went out this morning to let the chickens out, and lookie here!

He picked a bad morning to be tricked, bless his heart. The bookclub ladies were coming in 30 minutes, so I couldn't take him home until later. But as soon as book club was over, we made the trip to a nice residential area full of squirrel feeders, ears of corn on nails, and bowls of peanuts. I know he'll be happier there. I know I'll be happier with him gone.

I would post a picture of his release, but it was too fast for any camera. Just imagine the back of a squirrel, small and far away, running at top speed. I expect he's in California by now. Post-release, I've named him 'Zippy'.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I LOVE this!
You are SO COMPLETELY adorable, I can't take it!

Thanks for the smile ~
(I love your blog)

stacey said...

you're a squirrel commando! lmao!


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