Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Out of the Crib!

Well, she finally outgrew her crib. She's been perfectly happy in there, but she figured out this morning that it's not that difficult to scramble over that top bar. We don't want any ER visits, so we took the crib down this afternoon.

She and I spent some time clearing out 'baby toys', moving things around, putting new things on the walls in her new 'big girl room'. We have a toddler bed, but we're letting her sleep on the mattress on the floor for a few days - not so far to fall if she rolls off.

When I was tucking her in tonight, I realized that this means the end of peek a boo kisses. We started that when she was little bitty bit. I'd reach between the slats of her crib, give her a hug, and say, 'Peek a boo hugs, hugs hugs!' She'd smile, we'd do peek a boo cuddles, then she'd scootch over really close to the side for a peek a boo kiss.

The slats are gone now, and so are the peek a boo kisses.

She reads me really well, and asked me why I was sad. I told her I was going to miss peek a boo kisses.

"There, there, mama. It's okay," she said, patting me on the shoulder. (Bless her heart!) "Do you need to take a deep breath? You'll feel better."

I taught her that. Take a deep breath. Breathe. You'll feel better. And I do feel better...because now, without all those slats, we can have night-night snuggles! Hello, silver lining!

But those peek a boo kisses. Those were pretty great.


stacey said...

they do grow up fast don't they? thanks for sharing peek~a~boo kisses. how sweet

desert said...

how is the big girl doing in her big girl bed?
i always felt that was such a big step for my kids when they moved to their big beds

tenthingsfarm said...

She doesn't want to stay in her bed, so we've really cleared her room of toys, books, etc. It looks a bit sparse, but I think once she gets the routine of going to bed (and staying there) we can move some things back in. :)

Also, she has given up her midday nap. I wouldn't mind that, except I don't know if she's quite as ready as she thinks she is! She's pretty grumpy by mid-afternoon. Sigh....hee hee.


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