Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Late Menu Monday.

I totally forgot to do this last week! We did eat, not to worry. This week we're having:

M - Burgers (homemade buns!), Oven Fries (It was too windy for our grill. Bummer) Is ketchup a vegetable?
T - Oatmeal (no, really!) with fruit, nuts and flaxseed
W - Homemade Pizza garden salad, fresh fruit
R - Chicken Long Rice, Vegetables, Rice (Long Rice is a clear noodle - not made of rice - I promise, I didn't name it!)
F - Baked potatoes with chili and cheese
S - Egg Salad Sandwiches on wheat, vegetable sticks, peaches
S - Chicken Parmesan, Wholewheat noodles and marinara, Green beans, Apple Crisp

I'm breaking out some of the 'homemade convenience foods' this week. The last time I made pizza, I did a double batch, so I have homemade frozen pizzas in my freezer. The chili for Friday is in the freezer too, as is the chicken for Sunday. I'm planning to make a pretty big batch of the Marinara on Sunday, and freeze some of that for future use. We're going to be busy this week (when are we not busy?) but I won't be in the kitchen much at all!

So, what you eatin'?

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