Monday, May 26, 2008

How NOT to Coupon

I was so proud of myself, y'all. I went into the store, got a BUNCH of stuff. Most of the items we were buying were on sale, and I had coupons that would make them free. We also had a few things that we'd get for just a little bit per item. I love shopping trips like this!

We were at self-check. There was only one 'regular' line open in the whole store, there were lots of people waiting, so self-check seemed like a smart idea. Seemed like.

I scanned the 'loyalty card'. Welcome, valued customer! I scanned all the food - some chicken, some pasta side dish stuff, some other stuff - until I had 4 bags full of groceries!

With the sale prices, the total was just over $20. Then, I gave the clerk my coupons. Scan, scan, scan, scan, the end, my total was a little over $3. Yay me!

I put a twenty in the thing that sucks the bills in, and put our bags into the cart. We did so great! We saved so much money! Woo hoo! Couponing is so FUN!

Um, yeah. It's a really good idea to TAKE YOUR CHANGE FROM THE MACHINE before you go home.


And yes, I did cry, just a little, when I realized what I had done.

But...there's more!!

Once I calmed down a little (I was pretty mad at myself), I called the store, just in case someone had turned in the money I left at self-check. I was transferred to a manager, and I explained what happened...that I have a separate 'grocery money wallet', that we hadn't been anywhere since, etc. etc.

She said that whenever they see that someone has left their change in the self-checkout they take that money and keep it separate. So, she didn't know if 'my' money had been recouped, but she told me I could bring my receipt the next time I was in the store, mention that I'd talked with her and whoever was at customer service would help me.

I was pleasantly surprised by this policy, and sure enough, the next time we were in town I stopped in, and the person at customer service was more than happy to help me. So, even though I messed up by leaving my change, the store was willing to make good on my mistake. I guess that I learned that it never hurts to ask!

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