Thursday, May 22, 2008

Henhouse Happenings

We are very much overstocked in the rooster department. We want to breed our own cornish rock cross for the freezer, so we decided that the two Belgian roos had to go. We kept the two little hens - they are our current source of eggs!

I put them on freecycle (that's where we got them, also) and I got a few replies. After we made all the arrangements for pickup, we went outside to say goodbye to the roosters.

Running out to the henhouse...

"You've been good chickies - and you crow nice!"

One of the roos (crowing - which they do all day!)

"Okay - bye!"

A little later, a very nice gentleman came and picked up 'the boys'. He already has some birds, so they'll join a new flock not too far from here.

If you put new birds in during the day, they are often attacked. Tonight, after dark, I'll put the 3 baby roos in with the 2 little hens. In the morning, they will be part of the flock. That's how it works with chickens. If they wake up to new flock members, I guess they think, 'Oh, you must have been here all along and I just didn't notice you before now. Hi, my name is Sharon.' Something like that, heh.

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