Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy, Busy!

This would be a great picture post. I hope that cable arrives soon!

We started the day with cinnamon toast and watermelon wedges. Yummy! After we let the chickens out we played outside for a while. We spent some time in the sandbox, then we blew bubbles and flew the kite for the first time. It was so fun!

We watered gardens and trees, and we've mulched most of the garden. We're still waiting for some things to sprout, then we can finish that. It really seems to help the plants, and it looks so tidy - almost like we know what we're doing! The corn is starting to sprout, green beans are just about up, and the lettuces I planted early are starting to take off. I picked up some red leaf and some romaine at the store this week, but I may be done buying lettuce for a while. Yay!

We've been checking the trees, and some apricots and peaches are starting to form. We're not sure if we're getting nectarines yet. I sure hope so. They are one of my most favorite fruits. Apple trees are still blooming. The blossoms were really heavy last year. There are fewer this year, but that's really okay. We still have a lot of applesauce. Seriously. A lot.

We had egg salad on whole wheat for lunch (PBJ on wheat for Livvy), with carrots and celery on the side. I was tickled that Livvy ate her carrots and celery first! I'm so glad she likes such a variety of foods.

In the heat of the day, we ran a couple errands. We got some books from the bookmobile, which is always fun. I got some great deals, and found some things on clearance. So, for about $7 we got:

2 4-packs Scott Mega Roll TP (on clearance, and I had coupons - so free!)
4 bags Chex Mix (on sale and I had coupons - also free)
2 Huggies "Clean Team" wipes (16 cents each w/coupon)
4 purse size (2 oz) tubes of Johnson's Lotions (free w/coupons)
4 pounds fresh strawberries (on sale $1 per pound, but I could only get 4)
1.5 pounds fresh broccoli ($1 per pound)
.75 pounds zucchini ($1 per pound)
2 2-liter sodas (2/$1, limit 2)

AND...some of the coupons were for more than the price of the item, so that was credited toward other stuff we bought. Woo hoo!

When we got back we made beef broccoli for supper (Little Sweetie's request) with nectarine sorbet for dessert. I love this stuff. I froze a bunch of nectarines last summer, in half pint jars. All I do is set the jar on the counter when we start eating. Once we're done, it's softened just enough to put it in the mini chopper thingie and puree' it. A little whipped cream on top, and it's heaven, and soooo simple!

We went out after supper and worked on the 'barn'. We're clearing it out, looking for stuff for the yard sale (and finding plenty!). We got our bikes out, dusted them off and aired up the tires. So we know a few things now:

1. We need new tires.
2. The back brakes on mine are frozen.
3. Sweetie's gears are frozen. (By 'frozen' I mean rusted, or something, in place.)

I think we're going to price tires...and then price used bikes at Goodwill before we do anything. It may make more sense to buy new old bikes and freecycle our old old bikes. We'll just have to see.

I would LOVE it if we could use our bikes for some of our transportation, especially with the price of gasoline these days. The bookmobile is only a couple miles away, but there really isn't anywhere safe to ride on the paved roads between here and there. So, fixing up our bikes will be so that we can use them for exercise, to enjoy the great outdoors, that sort of thing. I think it's fairly common in the country that people don't have really safe places to ride bikes. If you have found a way around this one, please leave a comment!

We spent the early evening tidying up from the day, getting baths, reading stories, and tucking in the little one. Hubby and I are about to watch a movie - our own little 'date night' at home! Now we're getting some 'weather'...we might get some rain! We sure hope so. A steady rain all through the night would be the perfect end to a perfect day!

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stacey said...

i live in the township outside of the city limits of a very small town, there are not a lot of safe places for riding your bike, we have a bike trail but it goes through some pretty remote spots and industrial places and i wouldn't feel safe alone. i plan to use my bike as much as possible this summer too, sticking to residential streets and only utilizing main street when necessary. knowing you i know this doesn't have to be said, but helmets are a must! love you cat!


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